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How Much Can I Earn With Google Adsense AdChoices On My Blog?

Recently Google change the name of advertising campaign from Adsense to AdChoices. Lot of people in the world making money with Google AdChoices and they become multi billionaire.
That why so many visitors searching “How much can I earn with Google AdChioces/Adsense on my blog/Web?” The answer itself depends on many factors and hence I thought to put them together in this article.

What Main Factors Affects to My Google AdChoices Earnings?

1. Your website traffic. (Number of visitors and page views)
2. CTR (Click Trough Ratio). Means how many clicks you get on your AdChoices from 100 page views.
3. CPC & CPM. This is most affecting factor to your AdChoices earnings. CPC means Cost per click and CPM means cost per thousand impressions. CPC decides how much you earn from a single AdChoices clicks.
So, How Do I Optimize My Blog To Enhance The AdChoices Earnings From It?
Improving AdChoices earnings and improving traffic are both different things at all. So First you have to try many traffic generating SEO strategies to build huge amount of visitors on daily basis especially you should target your SEO and traffic building strategies to improve organic traffic from Google search engine.
Once you start getting minimum hundreds of visitors (For new blogs) a day, you should start thinking about AdChoices optimization to improve you earning from blog. As listed above you must try optimizing those factors which affects more to your overall AdChoices earnings.

How Do I Improve CTR And CPC For My AdChoices Monetized Blog?

Adsense FAQ

To improve CTR you can try changing color scheme of ad blocks, position of ad blocks and size of ad blocks. You can also try changing type of ads that appears like text or image ads.
To improve CPC, you must block some low paying advertisers using ‘competitive ad filter’ option in Adsense account. Another thing you can try is to check which ad block gets higher clicks as compared to others and then make it to load first in browser. Usually very first ad that appears on your page pays you higher than that is loading after due to the bidding style ad network.

How Do I Know If I am Getting Enough Earning From My Blog?

This may go without saying, but by far the most important factor to success with AdChoices is traffic. In fact this goes for all affiliate programs. Some websites get by with sheer numbers of traffic which works well, however generating huge traffic is difficult and takes a long time. What you can do though is work to increase QUALITY traffic. What I mean by “quality traffic” is users that are at your site for specific information or a get there via a specific search term. It is very important to know what your readers are wanting, and you can capitalize on this. A reader is far more likely to click an ad if it is exactly what they are after. So how do you know what users are looking for? Well there are some great tools to determine what your users are looking for. Google Analytics provides you with this added functionality and it is a fantastic tool if you use it to its full potential. To get the most out of Google Analytics, don’t just use it as a way to measure traffic, use it as a tool to determine keywords, research the source of your traffic and expand upon it. If you find that readers are getting to your site through a particular search term, focus on that term! It will improve your overall SEO which will result in more traffic and more ad income.
How to Improve Earning?
Well, there is not straight answer to this question but here are few ideal statistics that can help you know about your AdChoices earning states.
1. Average CTR should be around 3% to 5%, if you are getting more than 5%, its good for you.
2. Average CPC may vary from 0.01$ to 1 or 15$ depending on your rank and what ads appears on your page.
3. You can alternatively try optimizing your content to target highest paying keywords on Adwords so the ads appears on your page can give you higher CPC.
I recommend you to keep trying to improve you AdChoices placement for better earnings as no body knows the limit. Some strategies may work for this month may not work for next month.
According to my experience I think if a normal blog having around 500 unique visitors in daily you can make around 10$ to 20$ in a day from Adsense AdChoices depending on the Google page rank and if optimized well.


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